Metal Door and Window Security

Our Door

Our Door provides the highest level of security in the market today. It is constructed of all galvanized steel so it can withstand all of the elements without rusting. Like a safe, the door has 9 locking points. This prohibits prying from any angle or direction. Our lock inside the door is keyed only by us. Nobody else has the ability to make a copy of your key. We can key multiple buildings the same way, so you can own 1 property, or 100 properties and use the same key for all. All doors have a peephole, so you can see who is coming and feel true Empty Building Security.

Our Window

Our window screens are made of 14 gauge stainless steel and are secured to your building using steel rods. This offers the highest level of security on the streets today. All installations are done without damaging the inside or outside of your property. We use our own security nut on the inside of your building to ensure that ONLY Empty Building Security can remove the screens.