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About Us

Empty Building Security LLC was originated to alleviate the squatters, vandals, thugs and break-ins, that occur when foreclosed properties, rehab properties, new constructions and public housing properties that are secured with the old conventional method that just does not seem to work in inner city areas. We are a rental system. We come, install our metal in your building and maintain it through out the project and remove all our material when your construction is either completed or sold. With our system we issue you a non duplicable key assuring you that only the people you issue a key to have access to your building. After almost 3 years of experimentation with many metals, Empty Building Security has developed a state of art security system that should finally reduce your sleepless noghts and afford you some serene peace of mind. EBS has created and developed a system that is aesthetically neighborhood friendly, creates a safer working and living environment in and around the building and most important, offers maximum Empty Building Security around the clock. EBS solid steel, 14 gauge USA window screens that are strategically vented to allow light and air and prevent back draft are custom fit for all types of windows. EBS doors are secure at nine locations around the frame and fitted with a custom lock. Empty Building Security will not only fortify your asset and investment, but allow you to complete any renovation or new construction in less time, but allow you to complete any renovation or new construction in less time, thereby creating a quicker turnover and profit for each and every unit that you are involved in. Empty Building Security will create a safer living, working and playing environment in New Jersey. Here at Empty Building Security, we are your good local neighbor.

What Our
Customers Think

As a realtor and developer who handles many homes in cities such as Newark, Empty Building Security's steel security system provided huge peace-of-mind to me.

Manny Rosa - Rosa Agency

It's a no-brainer, Empty Building Security solutions are far superior than the wood board methods previously used on unoccupied buildings from a safety and aesthetic perspective.

Irma Gorham - Paterson Housing Authority

For both my residential and development site, there is no better protection service than Empty Building Security. I have been working with them for many years and they have consistently been on time and reliable.

Richard Roger - Roger Development

We Service

Retail & Commercial

Vacant retail and commercial buildings often require security services to ensure that each property is well-kept and secure to help deter theft, vandalism and squatters. EBS provides a full suite of solutions for vacant retail and commercial buildings including steel window screens and doors

Public Housing

EBS steel window screens and doors provide a secure, effective solution for vacant and abandoned public housing projects. EBS understands the unique environmental and economic circumstances relating to the housing sector. In addition, EBS security solutions in public housing helps provide peace of mind to other residents knowing that their neighboring properties are safe and secure.

New Construction

EBS offers services for new construction or renovation sites to keep properties safe from theft and vandalism.

Loan Servicing/REO/Asset Management

Bank Servicers, asset managers, field service companies and real estate professionals rely on EBS for unique and innovative securing solutions. EBS steel screens and doors provide an alternative to traditional plywood boarding. In addition, steel screens and doors increase curb appeal with their sleek, professional design and do not result in an eyesore that traditional plywood boarding creates.

Government & Municipalities

EBS works directly with local municipalities in the ongoing fight to eliminate neighborhood vandalism . With our security screens and doors, EBS provides an aesthetically pleasing, secure and effective alternative to traditional plywood boarding. EBS steel windows and doors help deter vandalism and squatters by providing the industry’s strongest solution for securing vacant and abandoned properties.